Hip Hop / Pom / Lyrical Dance


TEAMS FORMING NOW! To schedule a tryout, please register HERE.

2023-2024 All-Star Dance Tryouts: 

Full Season All-Star Dance features:

  • Three or Four Competitions/Performances (varies per team)
  • Daytona Beach Showcase
  • Included Tumbling Classes (clinics are extra)

Season Details:

The season runs from June 1st 2023 to May 31st 2024. Team practices are once a week. Practices are on weeknights, choreography and competitions are on weekends and sometimes on Fridays.


Tryout fee is $40 (cash) and includes a Flux shirt.

Full Season All-Star Dance at Flux: $129.99 per month for 12 months for the first team. Add $50.00 per month for each additional Flux Dance team. Monthly tuition includes: Team Practices, Competition Registration Fees, Showcase Fee, Choreography, and Team Music. Athletes will be required to purchase a uniform (~$180 plus tax and shipping). Uniform payments are due starting in August, 2023. Athletes will need approved shoes. Additional competitions may be added at additional cost.

*** Updated 5/11/2023. All information is subject to change.